PMIC® Project Management Innovation Center

A comprehensive training, development and innovation tool for effective project and teamwork

Projects run ... run well ... get out of control ... project management sets in ... projects are optimized ... and still not successful ...
teams work ... intensively ... are frequently demotivated ... frustrated
Do you know all this from your own company?
Do you know the reasons, so you can implement future projects successfully?
Learn the factors that turn a project into a success.

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PMIC Folder 2010


20.10.2011 00:00

Innovationskongress 2017

PLUG INTO THE DIGITAL FUTURE 14. - 16. November 2017

16.05.2011 13:37

Social Media

Während die global-digitalen Bürger die Kommunikationskanäle des Web 2.0 aus SMS, Mail, Chat,...


14.12.2010 10:30

Solution-Focused Management

Günter Lueger und Hans-Peter Korn (Hrsg.)

14.12.2010 10:26


Den Nutzen steigern durch Professionalität und Organisationsbezug