Claim Management

During project execution claims and requirements arise from different parties. The right way to handle these "claims" essentially indreases the probability of success of defence and/or enforcement:

  • efficient contract design
  • claim provision and -detection
  • Tools for successful claim management
  • adequate strategies in negotiations
  • Claims and customer relations


20.10.2011 00:00

Innovationskongress 2017

PLUG INTO THE DIGITAL FUTURE 14. - 16. November 2017

16.05.2011 13:37

Social Media

Während die global-digitalen Bürger die Kommunikationskanäle des Web 2.0 aus SMS, Mail, Chat,...


14.12.2010 10:30

Solution-Focused Management

Günter Lueger und Hans-Peter Korn (Hrsg.)

14.12.2010 10:26


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