consulting services

Consulting competence
We have extensive experience in implementing and monitoring project management, consulting organizational project development, analyzing and optimizing processes. At the same time we convey the newest insights in the area of project management and designing/monitoring assessments. We are innovators in the integration of the PM-methods and soft skills and link line and project management to generate added value.

Training competence
We are known for systemic, innovative, practice-oriented education and training and have combined the newest insights of economy and science to a "Management-Support-Line-Approach".

Research competence
Together with our cooperation partners we do research on the following topics

  • Project and process management
  • Corporate communication
  • Team supervision and team building
  • Leadership
  • Cross-cultural competence in organizations and teaching at universities in Austria and Switzerland on the subjects of "Project Management" "Corporate Communication" and "Leadership".

The latest research results are incorporated into our consulting and training programs.

Creating added value
We create added value on following levels

  • Project management-knowledge of methods
  • Project management-social competence and
  • The power of leadership, innovation, and implementation in organizations

We support our customers individually in

  • Developing their unique abilities in the areas of business management & leadership skills, customer focus, change management, and strategy competence
  • Enhancing their specific methods of project management know-how i.e. setting and raising the method standards (e.g. IPMA/SPM/PMA and PMI-standards )
  • Raising their social and analytical skills
  • Developing confident teams that are informed, mobile, active, and give good feedback
  • Knowledge management i.e. raising the knowledge spiral through the selective linkage of explicit and implicit knowledge in organizations
  • Implementing resp. intensifying a solution focused management
  • Employing different thinking processes
  • Strengthening employee´s and executive´s readiness to take risks and decision-making power (i.e. point out, how they can prudently take risks that will pay off for the enterprise)

Successful project organizations link PM-methods with social skills
Projects are special challenges in the organizational daily routine. They are a tool for an effective contact with increasingly complex tasks and increase the flexibility of hierarchic structures. They are the temporary undertaking and demand foresight, leadership ability, specific know-how methods from the project manager and the understanding of social dynamics in project and line organizations.

Successful project organizations know the advantages of using project management for achieving goal oriented results
They increase their project management-knowledge of methods as well as their social skills. They appreciate the fact that their project manager´s skills are raised to constantly adjust to new conditions, issues, cultures, and people with diverse competences and perception.

More and more they become a talent pool for recruiting outstanding leadership personalities.


20.10.2011 00:00

Innovationskongress 2017

PLUG INTO THE DIGITAL FUTURE 14. - 16. November 2017

16.05.2011 13:37

Social Media

Während die global-digitalen Bürger die Kommunikationskanäle des Web 2.0 aus SMS, Mail, Chat,...


14.12.2010 10:30

Solution-Focused Management

Günter Lueger und Hans-Peter Korn (Hrsg.)

14.12.2010 10:26


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